Accessing your PSAT Scores

To access your PSAT test scores, you will need a College Board student account.

Follow the steps below to create a College Board student account:

Go to and click Sign Up. 

  1. Use the full legal name that matches what your school has on file. Be ready to give basic information, including your gender, date of birth, email address (a permanent email address is recommended), high school name, expected high school graduation date, and zip code. 

  2. Include a parent or guardian email address and check the box to ensure that a parent or guardian will be cc'd on important emails from College Board. 

To view your scores in the College Board Reporting Portal:

Go to and sign in. If your scores aren't shown, follow the instructions on the Student Reporting Portal page after you have logged in. 

Call the College Board’s Student PSAT-related assessment help line at 866-433-7728 if you need additional help viewing your scores.

Understanding your PSAT Scores

This document has information and links to help you understand your PSAT scores.

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