Guidance Office Staff
 Karrie Hughes, Office Manager (email)
 Lucy Bambauer, School Counselor (email) 

 Sarah Paulus, School Counselor (email)
 Sara Dieringer, Social Worker (email)
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Guidance Office Services
Counselors meet with students periodically to discuss student academic progress toward graduation and their post-high school plans. This will encompass scheduling, yearly graduation verification, and presentation of educational options based on career exploration and future goals. Counselors work closely with academic departments on curriculum development and opportunities for our students.
This area includes but is not limited to:
  • HS Course Scheduling
  • Tri-Star Career Compact Programming
  • College Credit Plus Program
  • Credit Flex Program
  • SMMVA – St. Marys Memorial Virtual Academy
Counselors provide a comprehensive testing program to prepare students for college admission or entrance to the military. Test-prep materials and information are available for student use through the guidance department. The PSAT test is administered to juniors and provides them with academic information to help them prepare for college.
This area includes but is not limited to:
  • ACT Registration Information & Materials
  • ACT Test Prep Information & Materials
  • SAT Registration Information & Materials
  • SAT Test Prep Information & Materials
  • ASVAB Test Prep Information & Materials
Career and Future Planning
Counselors collaborate with students through a variety of opportunities to help prepare them for the future. Assistance is provided with the college application process, military exploration, employment opportunities, and community service/volunteer opportunities. Student programs on a variety of topics for all grade levels are provided. Collaboration between the guidance department, community agencies, and educational institutions provide our students with the most up-to-date information and opportunities.
This area includes but is not limited to:
  • Schedule meetings with college and military representatives
  • Connecting students with Hometown Opportunity and employment opportunities
  • Tri-Star Career Compact program tours
  • College Fair
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Scheduling Night
  • College Credit Plus Night
Counseling Services
Counselors are available to work with students and their parents/guardians related to social, emotional, and academic issues as needed. Counselors are a student advocate, connecting them with the appropriate community resources.

Additional Services
In addition, counselors are highly involved with academic and school planning committees, advisory groups, local community outreach programs, and educational institutions to provide the best possible services to our students. 
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