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Five Year Forecast

A five year forecast is a planning document that shows 3 years of historical data and 5 years of projected data related to revenue and expenditures.  This document allows stakeholders to evaluate the impact of current spending and the impact of potential financial decisions.  

  • The assumptions to the “Financial Forecast” are crucial to understanding the meaning of the numbers contained in a financial forecast.
  • Projections are based upon our district’s best knowledge of conditions at the time the forecast is generated. Since the factors contained in the forecasts are subject to change, the forecast may vary significantly in the future based upon changing conditions.
  • Only the district’s General Fund are reflected in this forecast. All other funds, such as, but not limited to, Permanent Improvement (PI) funds and Locally Funded Initiative (LFI) funds are excluded.  

Five year forecasts allows stakeholders, including board of education members, district administrators, and community members to engage in long-range planning and discussions about financial issues facing the district.  The five year forecast also helps stakeholders to identify potential deficit spending and plan accordingly.  

Five year forecasts are submitted to the Ohio Department of Education twice a year. 

Five Year Forecast - May 2023

Five Year Forecast - May 2023 Assumptions

Recognizing the importance of discussing school district finances, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has developed this guide to assist teachers, administrators, Boards of Education, community members or other individuals in developing a general understanding of a school district’s five-year forecast.

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