National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an honors organization that selects membership of juniors and seniors based on an evaluation of character, service, leadership and scholarship. NHS meets during RiderTime once a month in the choir room and occasionally after school to work on projects.

This is an organization which is nationwide. The St. Marys chapter is made up of juniors and seniors who have met the eligibility requirements and have accepted the invitation to be a member. In order to be eligible, a junior must have maintained a 10.2 grade point average at the end of four semesters of main streamed course of study and a senior must have maintained a 10.2 grade point average at the end of six semesters. The student must have been enrolled at MHS for a minimum of one semester.
These averages do not automatically make one a member. Once the student decides to pursue membership, he or she will be rated on a scale of 1-4 in areas of leadership, character and service by his or her teachers, coaches and club advisors. Those seeking membership must also submit an essay to the NHS advisory committee. The scores are compiled, averaged and ranked top to bottom. As membership is limited, a cutoff point is decided upon by the advisory committee. Throughout the year, the group is involved with numerous projects. Some are of a service nature. Some promote scholarship within the school, and most attempt to raise money which helps defray the cost of a trip taken by members in the spring.

Colleges find membership in the National Honor Society a good indication that the student will succeed at the collegiate level. It usually indicates that the student is responsible, is motivated, excels in the areas of scholarship, has leadership qualities, shows good character and is willing to be of service, as well.

Important Events:
Homecoming Dance (October 4th)
Highway Clean Up
Auglaize County Crisis Center's Day of Caring
Wing Ding Dinners
Academic Award Night
Peer Tutoring (all year)
NHS Annual Trip

Rachel Thornsberry - President
Colin Burke- Vice President
Bethany Hertenstein- Secretary
Molly Menker- Treasurer

2 Year Members:

Katelyn Brackney
Dylan Brown
Colin Burke
Noah Chivington
Anna Ernst
Nathan Falk
Madison Ginter
Bethany Hertenstein
Deavan Lauth
Rachel Meier
Molly Menker
Eric Mielke
Olivia Mielke
Zachery Nelson
Alexander Now
Rachel Thornsberry
Benjamin Tuttle
Amy Wicker
Chance Yahl
Joshua Young
1 Year Members:

Erika Angstmann
Forest Baldwin
Austin Barrett
Victoria Bartlett
Kelly Cisco
Lindi Cisco
Nicholas Dues
Michael Eberle
Stephanie Evans
Alyssa Finley
Calen Fledderjohann
Macy Fowler
Katie Freewalt
Courtney Helmlinger
Paige Keysor
Natalie Kuenning
Samantha Leach
Sara Little
Rachel Moeller
Riley Niekamp
Logan Patton
Jenna Perry
Josalyn Schamp
Randy Slife
Alexa Sutton
Jonathan Vogel
Kayla Vorhees
Shelby Wilder
Nathan Wilker
Rachael Ziegenbusch

Shelby Kanorr

Sarah Paulus
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