Marketing education is a business class that focuses on product developement, distribution, advertising, and sales. DECA is part of the class and involves leadership developement, community, service, and professionalism. In DECA students have the opportunity to compete in marketing-related events, attend leadership conferences, and learn life long skills.

DECA meets in room 213.

You can become a member by attending the meeting in January or Febuary to get more info and fill out an application. Members are chosen based on teacher recommendations, attendance, grades and dicipline. Listen to announcements for the dates of meetings or see Mrs. Lisi.

Heidi Lisi


President: Sara Little
Vice President: Jacob Hollman
Treasurer: Nathan Wilker
Secretary: Lexi Sell
Reporter: Courtney Helmlinger
Community Relations: Aaron Alexander
Public Relations: Skylar Hennon

Senior Members:

Aaron Alexander
Brayden Applegate
Rhett Buehler
Alyssa Finley
Jase Green
Courtney Helmlinger
Skylar Hennon
Bethany Kingrey
Sara Little
Logan Maze
Lexi Sell
Madyson Settlage
Andrew This
Caleb Westerfield
Nathan Wilker

Junior Members:

Ally Angstmann
Bennett Cisco
Bailey Fenwick-Miller
Leigha Gilbert
Colin Grothause
Courtney Grothause
Jacob Hollman
Caleb James
Ethan Lininger
Katia Martinez
Kayla McClure
Calvin Powell
Quincy Rable
Baily Rust
Colleen Sharpin
Rayonna Sherman
McKala Stidman
Regan Tischler
Adam Vogel
Marissa Williams
Josh Wingett
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