Buildings & Grounds Mission

Buildings & Grounds Mission

Our Mission

Our Buildings and Grounds team’s mission is to insure the safety and welfare of all students and staff through a quality maintenance program and adherence to the cleaning standards as adopted by our Board of Education. We recognize that our school buildings represent at substantial investment by our community. As such, the buildings will be maintained in good condition using a continuous program of repair, replacement, and preventative maintenance.

Some of the responsibilities of the team include the inspection and maintenance of all school buildings and the exterior grounds, including a monthly inspection of all playground systems; cleaning of building areas; performing preventative maintenance; monthly inspection of fire extinguishers and emergency exit lights; lawn and athletic field maintenance; painting; responding to work orders; distribution of commodities; snow removal; maintenance of building heating plants; and general carpentry, electrical, and plumbing repairs.


D=Daily W=Weekly M=Monthly Y=Annually
Public Areas; Entrances/Corridors/Lobbies/Elevators
(D) Entrance doors cleaned including glass.
(D) Areas dusted-vertical and horizontal.
(D) Carpets-complete vacuum.
(D) Tile-dry mopped/cleaned wet mop.
(D) Drinking fountains cleaned and polished.
(D) Trash removed, bag liners replaced as required.
(D) Walls-spot wiped.
(D) Pick up litter from outside the buildings daily
Keep lawns mowed; trim, nurture, cultivate shrubbery; weed landscaped bedding areas (as needed)
(D) Trash emptied, bag liners replaced as required.
(D) Carpets; traffic lanes litter picked; (W) complete vacuum weekly.
(D) Tile; dry/wet mopped as required; (W) complete vacuum weekly.
(D) Windows; (W) ledges wiped twice weekly, (D) windows cleaned as needed (interior only).
(D) Walls; spot wiped.
(W) Areas dusted-vertical and horizontal
(D) Trash emptied; bag liners replaced as required.
(D) Floor; swept cleaned, damp mopped/disinfected completely.
(D) Urinals/Toilets; cleaned and disinfected.
(D) Sinks/mirrors; cleaned and disinfected.
(D) Walls; spot wiped as required (remove graffiti)
(D) Dispensers; toilet paper/paper towel/soap replenished.
(D) Stall Partitions; wiped clean as required.
(D) Trash emptied; Bag liners replaced as required.
(D) Areas dusted; Vertical/Horizontal/Window Ledges.
(D) Chalk/White boards; cleaned daily including chalk ledge.
(D) Walls; spot wiped.
(D) Furniture; re-set and spot wiped as required.
(D) Floors spot mopped/litter picked.
(W) Floors damp mopped/vacuumed.
(D) Check for burned out lights and replace
Shower and Locker Rooms
(D) Floors; damp mopped/vacuumed daily, (W) scrubbed weekly.
(D) Floor mats; damp mopped daily, (W) scrubbed weekly.
(D) Walls in shower area; scrubbed daily.

Carpet Care/Floor Care
Carpets; (W) Completely vacuumed 1 in 5 days, or as required; stains removed as required; (Y) shampooed once every two years.
Tile Floors; (W) Completely damp mopped 1 in 5days, or as required, (M) spray buffed monthly, (Y) refinished once every year.
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