2nd Grade Blizzard Bags

Blizzard Bag lessons should be completed and turned in to your child's teacher within two weeks of the day that school was closed.  Students without internet access will receive a copy of these assignments when they return to school and have two weeks to complete and return them. 
Blizzard Bag Day 1
School was cancelled on 1/27/2023. Students should complete Blizzard Bag 1 by 2/10/2023. The 2nd grade blizzard bag will be posted by your child's teacher in Google Classroom.  A printable version is also available here.

Your child can log into Google Classroom at google.classroom.com
Your child's google login is:
username: [email protected] (full first name, no nicknames) 
password: lunch number followed by their first, middle, and last initials
example: 33999jms

Please reach out to your child's teacher if your child needs help logging into Google Classroom.

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