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St. Marys City Schools Financial Reports
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Five Year Forecast

The following factors may affect conclusions drawn about our school district’s fiscal condition:

  • The notes to the “Financial Forecast” are crucial to understanding the meaning of the numbers contained in a financial forecast.
  • Projections are based upon our district’s best knowledge of conditions at the time the forecast is generated. Since the factors contained in the forecasts are subject to change, the forecast may vary significantly in the future based upon changing conditions.
  • Only the district’s General Fund and DPIA Fund are contained in this forecast. All other funds are excluded.

Five Year Forecast: October 2018 

Five Year Forecast with Assumptions: October 2018


Fiscal Year 2019 Cash Basis Report 

Unaudit Fiscal Year 2018 

Audit Final Fiscal Year 2017

School Finance Dictionary
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