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2020 Summer Activities (Week of June 29th)

Monday, June 29th
Juggling with Mrs. Vogel
Some of our teachers have hidden skills! Join Mrs. Vogel, a Kindergarten teacher from East Primary School, as she shows you how to juggle in today's Virtual Summer Program video! Share your pictures on social media using #RiderSummer2020.


Tuesday, June 30th
Papier-Mâché Maraca with Mrs. Arling
In today’s Virtual Summer Program, Mrs. Arling, the West Intermediate School Art Teacher, shows you a simple, two ingredient papier-mâché recipe that can be used to make a papier-mâché maraca as well as other other papier-mâché projects. Share your pictures on social media using #RiderSummer2020.


Wednesday, July 1st
Jokes and Riddles for Fun and Giggles with Mrs. Laird
Celebrate International Joke Day with Mrs. Laird, the Speech and Language Pathologist at West Intermediate School, as she shares some jokes and riddles sure to make you giggle. Share your pictures on social media using #RiderSummer2020.


Thursday, July 2nd
Crafting Time with Mrs. Frische: Sidewalk Chalk and Paint
Join Mrs. Frische, a 1st grade teacher from East Primary School, for a project where science meets art. We will use corn starch, water, and food coloring to make a simple sidewalk chalk and paint. The sidewalk chalk is frozen so it can be used like traditional sidewalk chalk or melted into pools on the sidewalk and swirled into beautiful creations. It is somewhat messy to use but the projects are limited only by your Imagination and creativity. Share your pictures on social media using #RiderSummer2020.


Friday, July 3rd
Creating a Positive Resilient Attitude (CAPRA) with Mr. Ginter and
To wrap up the week, check out this video from Mr. Ginter (5th grade teacher at West Intermediate School) and Mr. Cook (West Intermediate School Counselor) as they share some tips about Creating a Positive Resilient Attitude. Share your pictures on social media using #RiderSummer2020.